brand image director for luxury brands, e-commerce & digital Between Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles & Geneva.

With a ten-year experience as a Creative Director in luxury and accessible luxury sectors, I have put my innovative vision and a 360 degree digital and e-commerce expertise at the service of highly demanding brands. This articulates through writting stories,finding new ideas for brands collections and social medias, analyzing trends, designing websites, producing e-commerce shoots, developing fashion campaigns, web and print works, collabs, ambassadors, planning strategies and communication.

In 2015, I launched my own agency, MAISON ST HONORÉ, in Paris. Then, I extended my Creative Parisian Agency to London – where I opened MAISON ST HONORÉ UK. I worked there for two years and this allowed me to manage international projects, collaborating with talents from various horizons.

Mainly working with Bad&Partners, Peclers, Cowboys and Publicis Luxe agencies; I was managing client expectations and understanding together the targets. And as a freelancer for Balibaris, Figaret redesigning Fred, Swarovski, l’Oréal, Minelli, White Bird Jewellery, Maison Père and Roseanna websites + other collaborations. Also supervising identity campaigns and E-commerce visuals for Vero Moda China. This experience has developed my knowledge of the Chinese market and made me traveling worldwide.

Those opportunities made me create whole creative poles from scratch as an internal creative director in France – for Smallable, Melijoe and Sézane – including managing a creative studio, and an IT team of up to 11 people.

I also had the pleasure collaborating with the photographers Zoe Ghertner, Matteo Montanari and Theo Wenner in New York, London, Scotland and Los Angeles. Previously, I have also worked with Mathieu César, Quentin de Briey, Manuel Obadia Wills, Alice Moitié and Jean Paul Goude in Paris.

Having worked for Piaget as Creative Director allowed me to develop the overall international identity, image strategy and for the different markets under the direction of Fatti Laleh and Benjamin Comar.

The World of Fashion, Fine Jewelry and Fine Watchmaking are fertile grounds for creativity, serving innovative and constantly renewed commercial and strategic challenges, where talent and curiosity are at the service of Beauty. An ideal playground to play with all mediums, as well as all the talents involved. My job is therefore naturally a real passion.

Portraits pics: Zoe Ghertner/New York + Valentin Chalendon/Aix en Provence