Alexandra Perrin

Head of Creative

I have more than 10 years’ experience as a Creative Director in the luxury and accessible luxury sectors. I have an innovative vision and a 360 degree E-commerce expertise which impresses brands: redesigning websites, E-commerce shoots, fashion campaigns, web and print work, strategy and communication.

After graduating from ESAG-PENNINGHEN PARIS in 2008, as an assistant of Jean-Paul GOUDE,

I started working in museography and signage, and discovered advertising at PUBLICIS 133, as well as working on look books at PECLERS Paris. Becoming the Creative Director of SMALLABLE.COM gave me 5 years’ experience developing a profound knowledge of the E-commerce and Fashion worlds, whilst also taking care of the visual identity and image of the brand. Then, I directed the first MELIJOE.COM campaign and became the Creative Director of the leader of childrenswear in Europe. In 2016, I launched my own agency called MAISON ST HONORÉ.

SÉZANE, FRED, ROSEANNA, CAREL, MINELLI, ATELIER SWAROVSKI, l’ORÉAL, MAISON PÈRE, FIGARET, WHITE BIRD, ELEVEN PARIS and BALIBARIS have allowed me to pursue a career in the luxury sector and the world of men’s and women’s fashion.

The latest site I created: Other sites I have designed, which are still live, include,, Maison Père, …

I grew up in Africa, then in the South of France and now live between Paris, Geneva and London.